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Five Star Trails in the Adirondacks

Book Cover for Five Star Trails in the Aidrondacks
Written by: Tim Starmer
Published by: Menasha Ridge Press
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The Adirondack Park is an immense wilderness encompassing over 9,375 square miles. It is nearly as large as Vermont and larger than five other states. In fact, it is larger than the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Yosemite, Great Smoky Mountains, and Big Bend National Parks combined. Within its boundaries are rugged mountains, countless pristine lakes and ponds, seemingly endless forests, and thousands of miles of wild rivers providing an infinite number of outdoor adventures. With thousands of miles of hiking trails weaving throughout this precious wild resource, it is a hiker’s paradise. So whether you prefer easy strolls in the deep woods, panoramic views atop mountains, the calm of picturesque lakes, the drama of turbulent waterfalls or the excitement of bone-crunching vertical ascents and descents, Five-Star Trails in the Adirondacks covers them all. Each hike features an individual trail map, elevation profile, and at-a-glance information, helping readers quickly find the perfect trip. Sized to fit in a pocket, the book’s detailed trail descriptions will help readers find their way on and off the trail. Driving directions and GPS trailhead coordinates will help with navigating the myriad of unnamed roads. The trails covered range from those best suited to the novice, families, experienced hikers, or backpackers.

A Note From the Author

Anyone who visits the Adirondack Park knows what a vast wilderness the Park’s blue line encompasses. Choosing amongst the 2000 miles of hiking trails can be overwhelming and planning a route from the innumerable combination of side trips and alternate routes can make it even more so. Believe me, I spent days, probably more like weeks, thumbing through books and tracing out routes on maps to come up with the perfect combination of hikes to feature in the book.

Book Features
  • GPS Based trail maps
  • Elevation Profiles
  • Detailed Trail directions
  • Trails categorized by type, length, difficulty and special features
  • Trail ratings for scenery, difficulty, trail condition, solitude and accessibility for children
  • Detailed Driving directions to trail-heads; including GPS coordinates

When I began preparing to write the book I knew that I wanted to accomplish three things. First and foremost I wanted to find the best hikes that I knew I would enjoy; Selfish… I know. Second, I wanted to sample a variety of the trail types that the Adirondacks had to offer. You could easily fill a book with hikes that solely feature mountain climbs, fire tower hikes, exploring waterfalls, or easy strolls along rivers and lakes, but can you truly capture the best if you focus on one type. Finally I wanted to present a wide geographical spread so that readers and hikers could experience the Adirondacks in their entirety; not just one region. I have often found that when people visit the park they often return to the same town, trails or wilderness areas. I suspect it is not only because each place has so much to explore, but I also suspect they don’t want to leave “a good thing”. I know because I was guilty of the same thing. For years the West- Central Region encompassed most of my early explorations of the park, partly out of convenience but mostly out of familiarity. Rest assured there is fun and adventure throughout the park and I am sure you find the trails featured rewarding.

So lace up, grab your pack, and let’s hit the trail!

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A handy one-volume sampler of top spots”
–Adirondack Life Magazine
Five Star Trails: Adirondacks is a valuable source of information, particularly for people who are not familiar with the area.
–Dick Lightcap, former chair to the Onondaga Chapter of the Adirondack Mountain Club
The massive size of the park can be intimidating for beginner hikers, but Tim Starmer makes navigating 40 popular hikes seem like a breeze.
–Syracuse New Times, September 2011
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