Piesco Lake

Panther Mountain Echo Cliffs Trail

Trail Details

Region: West-Central Adirondacks
Town: Piseco, New York
Unit: Ferris Lake Wild Forest
Distance: 1.4 miles
Hiking Time: 1.5 hours
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Square boulder  in the middle of a hardwood forest
Square Boulder along trail


The mountain apparently got its name from the abundance of mountain lions, or panthers, in the area in the early 1800s. The town board of Arietta consequently offered a bounty of $20 to purge the area of panthers in 1837. Also known as cougars, the large predators have been absent from New York and the Adirondacks since the 1800s.

Trail Overview

Definitely the shortest trail described in this book, Panther Mountain and Echo Cliffs are not short on scenery. With less than a mile to the scenic lookout, hikers are quickly rewarded with panoramic views of Piseco Lake. The scenic vista, combined with some stunning cliffs beside the trail, makes it an excellent excursion in one short package. Its popularity in the summer attests to it beauty, so plan on going in the off-season or early morning hours to avoid the crowds.

Panoramic view of Piesco lake from atop Panther Mountain
Panther Mountain Panoramic View
Panoramic Viewer


Tree roots that act as steps along the trail
Near Panther Mountain Summit

While hiking the trail you certainly find some great opportunities to snap a picture; especially atop Echo Cliffs. However I found that one particular spot was especially “picture perfect”. Just before you reach the top of the cliffs you will climb up the roots of a Hemlock tree that neighbors the trail. The tangle of roots and the way branches frame the trail screams “Take my picture!”. Looking around the web you will find that many people have felt the same way. Indeed this shot is probably in every photo album and website related to this favorite Adirondack trail.

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Photo Gallery
View of Lake atop a cliff
Panther Mountain & Echo Cliffs Photo Gallery
GPS Data

Square Boulder Along the Trail
UTM Zone(WGS 84): 18T
Easting: 0535108.4
Northing: 4806907.8
Latitude: N 43° 24′ 51.24″
Longitude: W 74° 33′ 58.83″
More GPS Data Coming soon!
Additional Resources
  1. Current Trail conditions for the region on the DEC website.
  2. Unit Mangement Plan on the DEC website.
  3. The DEC’s webpage for the eastern mountain lion, aka panther or cougar.