Thirteenth Lake

Peaked Mountain Trail

Trail Details

Region: Central Adirondacks
Town: Indian Lake, New York
Unit: Siamese Ponds Wilderness Area
Distance: 7.2 miles
Hiking Time: 4 hours
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Wilderness pond with tall mountain in the background
Peaked Mountain


Can’t choose between lakeside hiking, exploring an isolated pond, hiking beside frothy cascades, or climbing a mountain for panoramic views? Why choose? Peaked Mountain has it all. The main trail is easy and features a variety of waterscapes, including a pristine lake, a cascading brook, and several beaver dam madows. The last 0.8 miles along the trail are steep and difficult, but the summit has a unique perspective. At the peak, you can clearly trace your entire trip back to the shore of Thirteenth Lake.

Trail Overview

The Peaked Mountain Trail is feature rich and an excellent excursion for hikers who want a variety of terrains and experiences. The trail begins following the edge of Thirteenth Lake before climbing along Peaked Mountain Brook up to Peaked Mountain Pond and then on to the Summit. The brook-side portion of the trail features many small cascades and flumes as well as multiple beaver ponds. The final 0.8 mile ascent from Peaked Mountain Pond to the Summit is very steep and elevates this section of the trail from beginner to experienced. Though the trail might not be ideal for first time hikers or complete novices the trail is certainly within grasp of any motivated hiker.


Brich trees along shore of Thirteenth Lake
Birches by Thirteenth Lake

I hiked this gorgeous trail shortly after I finished the Blue Ledges Trail, another exceptional trail in the Central Adirondack Region. It was a beautiful summer day with bright blue skies which are evident in the photo galleries. Most of the Thirteenth Lake campsites were occupied and there were many boaters out on the lake*. Some kayakers had pulled their boats ashore where Peaked Mountain Brook entered the lake and had made the hike up to the summit. Though there were certainly many people in the area, it hardly seemed so on the trail. I passed one couple who was struggling to make the beginning part of the final ascent and noticed that the man was shirtless and carrying on open beer in one hand. I was actually surprised they had made it this far but then again this was my second trail for the day and up until the final mile it was not too difficult a hike. The scramble to the top is indeed very steep and often you will require the use of both hands to make it up. I sat at the summit enjoying the view and tracing my path up to the peak back along the beaver meadows and outline of Peaked Mountain Brook as it cut its way down to the lake. Though I didn’t mean to, I overheard the kayakers talking at the summit. They were discussing all of the very things I was noticing and remarking that this was an excellent trail to introduce hikers to the beauty of the Adirondacks and the rewards of hiking in general. With so many quintessential Adirondack features in one hike and the ability to look back on what you had accomplished certainly made the trail unique. I wholeheartedly agreed with what the kayakers were saying but wondered if the scramble to the top would suit everyone! As I made my way back down from the peak I noticed that I did not see the beer drinking couple at the peak or on their way up. I passed them a lot further down the trail as they were on their way back to the trailhead. I couldn’t help but thinking that they missed a spectacular view. Maybe I missed them at the summit but perhaps they just ran out of beer. Maybe I was right about my suspicions.

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Photo Gallery
Wilderness pond seen from atop Peaked Mountain
Peaked Mountain Photo Gallery
GPS Data

Peaked Mountain Summit
UTM Zone(WGS 84): 18T
Easting: 0568487.2
Northing: 4842074.3
Latitude: N 43° 43′ 42.74″
Longitude: W 74° 08′ 58.70″
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Additional Resources
  1. Current Trail conditions for the region on the DEC website.
  2. Siamese Ponds Wilderness Unit Mangement Plan on the DEC website.


* The DEC has proposed a ban on gasoline powered boats on Thirteenth Lake. Comments on the proposal(which can be seen here) are available until 07/02/11 (updated 06/26/11)