Southern Adirondack Photo Galleries

Hiking trails in the Southern region of the Adirondacks are often overlooked as hikers travel further into Adirondacks; with the notable exception of Hadley Mountain and Crane Moutnatin which are some of the most popular in all the Adirondacks. I feature these two very popular trails in the book, Five-Star Trails in the Adirondacks as well as some lesser known gems.

Crane Mountain Photo Gallery

Panoramic view of Southern Adirondack Region
Crane Mountain Photo Gallery
Crane Mountain Photos

Good Luck Cliffs Photo Gallery

Veritcal wall of rock at Good Luck Cliffs
Good Luck Cliffs Photo Gallery
Good Luck Cliffs Photos

Groff Creek Photo Gallery

Waterfall along Groff Creek
Groff Creek Photo Galleries
Groff Creek Photos

Jockey Bush Lake Photo Gallery

Jockeybush Lake
Jockeybush Lake Photo Galleries
Jockey Bush Lake Photos

Tenant Creek Falls Photo Gallery

Tenant Creek Falls Trail in Southern adirondacks
Tenant Creek Falls Photo
Tenant Creek Falls Photos
Hadley Mountain Photo Gallery(Coming soon!)
Stewart and Indian Lakes Photo Gallery(Coming soon!)